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RCN Solutions: laminating layers for extreme glass applications

The RCN team is continuously and consistently working to provide support for REVA BF, RCN’s laminating interlayer, which has seen a sharp increase in orders

website maker The international crisis has caused a lot of uncertainty and we all have experienced disadvantages, suffering the limitations in travelling, in business visits and in lacking face to face communication, making maintaining visibility difficult to maintain.

In short, we are having to reinvent our way of working; reorganising our business strategy to confirm our steady presence in the glass industry.

In this situation, the RCN Solutions team has tightened and is continuously showing its true value. In fact, the company’s highly professional international team have consistently worked to serve the market, and have been very sensitive but not intimidated by the dramatic global events.

RCN has continued – and is continuing – to provide all its support, resulting in increased sales of REVA BF, RCN’s laminating interlayer, which differs both in quality and performance: the unique product the laminating market is demanding.

Requests for REVA BF have undergone a sharp increase since March 2020, obliging the company to double production shifts and plan future investments, especially aimed at the manufacture of wider sizes.

RCN stock is always up-to-date, based on a warehouse first-in/first-out mode, thus always granting fresh lots available to be delivered to customers.

The choice of the raw materials is very important in production, and the supply from a number of international chemical companies, together with accurate production and controls, are the characteristics behind one of the great peculiarities of REVA BF: quality constancy.

Quality, reliability, transparency are no more only abstract words, but can be experienced with REVA BF, the last generation of laminating interlayers, suitable for all the extreme glass applications.

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