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RavenBrick Announces New Smart Window

RavenBrick celebrates the opening of an automated line for the company’s newest Low-E product, RavenWindow.

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock joined Alex Burney, CEO of RavenBrick, during a ribbon cutting ceremony held at RavenBrick’s world headquarters in Denver, Colorado. In addition, key investors, members of Denver’s Office of Economic Development, Chris Sheppard, Director of Colorado Cleantech Industry Association, and The Honorable Marcy Grossman, Canadian Consul General in Denver were at the event.
The ceremony marked the unveiling of the new automated line for RavenWindow and the mass production of this new dynamic window technology. The launch of the automated line signals an evolution in energy efficient windows, the first of its kind since the introduction of Low-E windows in the 90s.
RavenWindow is a thermochromic filter that manages solar heat gain by transitioning to a tinted state during hot conditions―an incredible, self-regulating solution to energy efficiency considering that solar heat gain through windows can account for up to 34 percent of a building or home’s energy use. In addition to managing solar heat during summer months, RavenWindow’s adaptive technology allows solar heat through windows during cold conditions.
Additionally, this solar-intuitive window eliminates glare and blocks harmful UV rays, protecting interiors and belongings from fade and protecting inhabitants from the damaging effects of the sun.
“Denver’s cleantech and manufacturing sectors are growing stronger thanks to the innovations of forward-moving companies like RavenBrick,” Mayor Hancock said. “I applaud the firm for its success in creating good, middle-skill jobs while expanding its production volume for commercial and residential applications around the globe.”
At today’s ceremony, RavenBrick presented the Mayor with a ceremonial check commemorating the firm’s recent payoff of a 275,000 USD small business loan provided by the Denver Office of Economic Development. Provided in 2011, the business expansion loan was leveraged to secure nearly 10 million USD in venture capital and federal and state financing.
In a world focused on energy savings and sustainability, RavenWindow’s smart technology is an effortless solution that doesn’t require programming. RavenWindow is a filter applied during the manufacturing of the window and requires no wiring or special installation. Once the window is installed, RavenWindow responds to solar heat and transitions automatically, eliminating the need for blinds to block heat and glare. Polarization within the filter creates a crisp clear view through the window.

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