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RATH doubles hot gas filter elements production capacity at Meißen plant

Recently, the Austrian refractory manufacturer RATH has doubled its production capacity for both catalytic and non-catalytic hot gas filter elements at its Meißen production facility in Germany.

As the only remaining European manufacturer of filter elements, RATH can produce 25,000 pieces of filter elements per year up to a length of six metres from its own fibre, also produced by RATH, at its production facility in Mönchengladbach, Germany. The new production line is already in operation and running at the highest efficiency level.

About RATH’s hot gas filtration in Meißen
For many years, RATH has been developing innovative ceramic hot gas filter elements that make it possible to filter particle-laden industrial flue gases at temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius and reduce emissions of nitrogen and sulphur oxides, as well as reduce the emission of fine particulates.

Since 2016, all resources, capabilities and expertise in hot gas filtration have been pooled in the Meißen facility. This research and production site of the company is home to cutting-edge facilities for the manufacture of RATH´S FILTRATH® non-catalytic and FILTRATH®CAT catalytic filter elements.

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