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Friday, December 9, 2022

RATH: a wide range of refractory solutions for the glass industry

High-quality refractory materials are the basis for superior production and crystal-clear results in all areas of glass manufacture

As an international refractories manufacturer, RATH offers a wide range of outstanding glass melting crucibles as well as day furnaces in a wide variety of compositions, shapes and sizes.

RATH’s portfolio includes standard compositions, sizes and shapes, and customer-specific requests.

The most popular compositions are:

  • Fomlac (344): a fortified mullite formulation and an excellent glass contact refractory, suitable for melting soda lime flint glasses in either batch or cullet form.
  • LC-833 (333): a premium AZS composition designed as a melting medium for a wide range of corrosive glasses, especially those containing high levels of metallic oxide.
  • Fusillac 100P (357/458): a fused-silica formulation possessing excellent thermal shock resistance. The unique thermal shock resistance characteristics dissipate upon repetitive thermal cycling through the 2000 °F range. Its purity enables the melting of technical grade glasses without any fear of destructive contamination.
  • 211-XFS (381): a clay flux material for the manufacture of pots. It is an excellent glass control refractory and performs well in continuous service applications. Crucibles made from the material are shipped unfired and it is the responsibility of the user to fire them into service.
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