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R.C.N. SOLUTIONS: the international year of glass has come to an end

In May 18, 2021, the UN has decided to declare 2022 the international year of glass

2022 has been a year full of emotions and richness of events in which glass has been the protagonist for a more equitable and sustainable world.

International glass manufactures have been busy in offering low-carbon glass in line with the carbon neutrality plans, and a lot has been discussed about the increased use of glass for safety and green applications.

Glass is an eco-friendly and a hundred per cent recyclable product, particularly suitable for food conservation and for thermal insulation too. It is healthy, reusable and along the year glass industry has developed ways to make it stronger, thus responding to some installations where human bodies are exposed to the risk of breakage and injury.

In this respect, there has been an important relaunch of the “Made in Italy” branding: manufacturers of machinery and glaziers has worked to put the spotlight on Italian excellence. It means respect for tradition and efforts all the Italian companies are carrying on to offer technology and innovation.

R.C.N. SOLUTIONS in its range and with instruments at its disposal, has done its part to celebrate glass, proposing products for safety glass and launching the program “Glass Experiences” on social networks. Every month along 2022, some members of the company have described their experiences and memories in glass world, drawing a line on past and present of this valuable product. It showed a great love and fascination for glass together with the commitment to make it more and more popular.

RCN continue to propose laminating machines, chemical tempering and bending. Every day the company makes a step forward to improve its services and its presence on the market, with constant effort and dedication.

2022 has been a positive year for RCN, adding up and enriching the existing experiences. A lot has been learned on glass potentialities, and this will help to start the new business year.

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