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R.C.N. Solutions: silence does not necessarily mean to be absent

We received from R.C.N. Solutions the following press release

R.C.N. Solutions has been silent during these dramatic months that shocked the world and stressed it under the grip of COVID-19.

During this time, our thoughts have been addressed to our customers, partners and friends world-wide who, just like us, have been forced to live with restrictions and personal and professional difficulties, breaking the everyday private and business life.

We have cancelled all our business trips to visit our clients and we had to revise all of our business communication strategies.

We did not lay inactive and we took action in adopting all the health measures required to guarantee a serene and safe production activity, by sanitizing all our spaces and products; re-scheduling production and practising social distancing protocols.

In these hard times service is a crucial matter, thus our commercial and technical departments are studying new procedures including enhancement of the remote connections of our machines, and to take all the steps indispensable to replace from remote all those operations our technical and commercial teams were used to perform at our customers’ sites.

We are ready for a new era and we will soon introduce some news.

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