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R.C.N. SOLUTIONS: not only digital

The importance of customer visits

In a world going more and more digital, with people always connected, we risk to forget the importance of welcoming customers.

In the last two years, visits have forcibly been stopped, but keeping a close relationship with customers, interacting in person about their needs or problems on the basis of a loyalty program, it is still an essential job.

One crucial activity at RCN SOLUTIONS is to have a motivated team working more and more in a tight group. Especially, it is important to rely on a resolute teamwork sharing a common view, reaching a meeting of minds and interests exchange, in spite of different views and personality.

This policy, not always easy, needs a daily effort but brings benefits. The positive feedback of the customers and, in particular, their will to keep in contact, it is a sign RCN is going in the right direction.

An example of the result of this policy is the visit RCN SOLUTIONS received by one of its most important long-time customers: RELI GLASTECHNOLOGIE GmbH & CO, based in Eppingen-Rohrbach, Stüttgart, Germany.

Mr. Luca Liardo, the owner, came to visit RCN at Vitrum and was so excited by the new system, RD CLEAN CONCEPT that he decided to come and see the results with his own eyes, discuss his needs for new lamination projects and check the specifications of some products distributed by RCN. He brought some glass compositions to be laminated with the clean edges system, checking results personally. He has been fascinated by this system.

In addition, Mr. Liardo, specifically attentive to details, appreciated the texture and the embossed side of REVA BF, the RCN laminating interlayer that helps with de-airing during lamination in addition to the product quality constancy.

This visit has been very helpful for RCN to understand that proposals and trust run on the same line, that price matters, remaining the first focus but not necessarily the main detail when quality products are under the spotlight.

Thanks to Luca Liardo for having worked with us and for all his precious suggestions. Together with its customers, RCN SOLUTIONS increases the range of knowledge and experience.

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