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Pujol: EVALAM VISUAL is the first EVA with better properties than PVB.

EVALAM VISUAL is an EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) with excellent transparency, high adhesion, great sound insulation, and an index of crosslink not comparable on the market. All this makes it the best material to place in all those laminated glasses where optics and durability is a must.

Evalam Visual is a product developed by Spanish manufacturer EVALAM, the world reference producer of EVA for architectural use. Evalam Visual has been developed for laminating experts looking for a high added value solution. Its excellent and incomparable unique transparency, high adhesion, great acoustic insulation, and UV filtering, as well its crosslink index, without comparison in the market, represent perfection and make it the ideal lamination solution to be used in all areas where optics and durability are a must.

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