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ProtectPax – Worlds’ Newest Invisible Smartphone Protection

APS Proudkte UG has recently launched ProtectPax on Indiegogo. It is the first Invisible Glass Protection for all smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other glass surfaces. ProtectPax uses a unique Nanotechnology method to protect all devices completely invisibly, making smartphones scratch-resistant.

ProtectPax is a new product that protects smartphone displays reliably from scratches and cracking. It is based on nanotechnology and is easy to use.
Effective screen protection via liquid glass
Although today’s smartphones and tablets have a variety of technical features that offer the user many advantages and make their use extremely comfortable, their developers still haven’t solved one problem in a satisfying manner: touch screens of mobile devices are not scratch and break resistant.
If the expensive high-end device comes into contact with sharp objects, then usually annoying scratches occur, which seriously interfere with reading e-mails and other screen content.
Even more unpleasant are cracks in the display glass, which are often caused by impacts against the front of the smartphone: as a result, it is possible that moisture enters into the mobile device and make it unusable.
The display foils, which are used by many smartphone users, offer only superficial protection against glass damage. These foils are unable to protect the display from deep scratches.
Also, they can often not be attached bubble-free, which strongly affects the stylish appearance of the mobile phone.
However, an invisible, efficient and long-lasting protection against damage to the display glass can be provided by the innovative ProtectPax liquid glass.
How does ProtectPax work?
ProtectPax is a Nano Liquid that is just applied to the glass surface. The Nano Liquid fills the invisible indentations of the glass layer while it dries and hardens, which are not visible to the human eye, making the display a maximum of 600% harder than before.
As product tests have shown, the hardness of the glass corresponds after the treatment to that of ruby and sapphire (9H on the Mohs scale). For comparison: Most smartphone touchscreens have a hardness of only 2H and 3H.
With ProtectPax the screen of your mobile phone becomes almost as hard as a diamond.
It can withstand cuts with sharp carpet knives as well as the dull force of up to six kilograms undamaged. This equals to a simple fall on a hard surface.
The nanoparticles of the product form together crystal lattice on the glass, changing its density and molecular structure.
However, this is not all that the up to 12 month-durable display protection is capable of. The net-like liquid glass particles also make glass surfaces water-repellent and dirt-resistant. Water splashes and oil drops pearl off.
Dirt and fingerprints can easily be removed from the display with a simple wipe.
The invisible particles are also highly effective against bacteria: if UV light hits the glass surface, which is treated with ProtectPax, the particles ionize and release highly reactive oxygen.
This kills up to 99% of all microorganisms that are left behind on the glass via contact of the fingers with the touchscreen.
The grid mesh of the liquid glass particles also protects up to 93% of the harmful electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones.
This electromagnetic radiation is created by using the smartphone and cannot be reduced under normal circumstances. The ProtectPax screen protector is especially suitable for frequent mobile phone users that react sensitively to electrosmog.
iPhone displays, which are treated with ProtectPax nano liquid, are also easier to use. The nano-liquid improves the touchscreen functionality significantly: touch commands are executed even faster.
As Pascal Buchen, Managing Director of the Düsseldorf APS products UG says, ProtectPax is with its many positive features one of the most innovative products of the year 2017.
It offers not only mobile phones and tablets but also a laptop and eBook reader screens, smartwatch displays, spectacle lenses and TV devices a long-lasting protection from damage.
Mobile Phone users are also advised to apply ProtectPax on the back of the device. In this way, the resale value of the high-quality smartphone can be significantly increased.
Smartphone users who want to pre-order the screen protector, which is available from the beginning of February 2017, can do so at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/worlds-best-invisible-smartphone-protection-iphone/x/15968976#/

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