Portuguese family photo!

Verallia reveals a new advertisement in Portugal

A new Verallia ad for the Portugal market features five bottles and two food jars that evoke the company’s market segments in the country. Each glass container is personalized with a symbolic accessory. The family photo, from left to right:

  • For beers: a soccer fan’s scarf.
  • For food products: a bottle wearing a straw hat and a jar draped in a bandana.
  • For olive oils: a typical waistcoat from the Alentejo region and a stick used to harvest fruit.
  • For wines: a napkin.
  • For port wines: a bowtie.
  • For sparkling wines: a pearl necklace.

In Portugal, Verallia has around 250 employees. Its headquarters, factory and product development centre are located on the Atlantic coast, in Figueira da Foz, between Porto and Lisbon. With its two furnaces, the business produces daily over 2 million bottles and jars for still wines (including the famous port wines), sparkling wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and food. Verallia Portugal serves local and international customers. The business stands out for its remarkable knowledge of the Portuguese market and the close relations it has nurtured with its customers over the last 30 years.

To find out more, visit Verallia Portugal’s website: www.pt.verallia.com.