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Picvisa: innovative technology in the selection of recyclable materials

Ecoglass from Picvisa classifies and separates glass by colour and shape

Ecoglass, from Picvisa, optimises the classifying and separating of glass by colour and shape from a wide variety of materials.

Picvisa develops and manufactures equipment for the classification and selection of recyclable materials that are categorised according to their composition and colour. The functioning of this equipment is based on the company’s own image software, which is unique for each application.
The high-resolution artificial-vision system and lighting systems from Picvisa provide reliable and efficient solutions that surpass traditional market equipment.
Ecoglass, one of the machines offered by Picvisa, has a series of characteristics that optimise its work when it comes to classifying and separating glass by colour and shape from a wide variety of materials.
Its innovative optical system allows to classify and separate glass by colour and shape. Its lighting is equipped with long-lasting LED bars that increase the quality of colour and the stability. The control screen allows the user to configure and control the optical system, export data in an agile manner and control alarms.
Ecoglass’ optional equipment allows to extend the operation of the machine by means of the following additional:
* A double blowing resolution that extends the range up to 2mm.
* A lead glass detection system.
* A metal detection system.
* A front light that improves the detection of the most difficult materials.
* A cleaning system with a configurable drop ramp.
One of the Ecoglass’ success stories is an automated glass recycling plant with a capacity of 20 t/h. The material that is classified comes from the rejection flows of the glass bottles’ manufacturing process itself and glass waste obtained from packaging and distribution of beverages.
With two eight-hour shifts per day, the five Ecoglass600 and the three Ecoglass600DB, with double bars, have achieved a total of 15,000 cumulative hours since their implementation in August 2013. More than 90% of the material supplied is recovered with a purity of 92% thanks to the optical system that the equipment uses.
A second Picvisa’s success story was developed in a flat recycling plant from unused vehicles and construction and demolition waste, where the Ecoglass600 has accumulated a total of 6,700 hours since June 2014.
With a shift of eight hours a day, the team has managed to recover more than 95% of the crushed glass with a purity of 95% working at a capacity of 5 tons per hour.

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