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Paşabahçe “Aware Collection”: how to revive used glass products

Paşabahçe, the leading Turkish glassware brand, has launched its new Aware Collection. developed to protect the nature and environment; made from 100% recycled glass, Aware Collection combines sustainability with style and aesthetics while reducing the carbon footprint and industrial waste

Offering many first-of-its-kind products to its consumers for 85 years, Paşabahçe, preparing to offer Aware Collection, a collection made from 100 percent recycled glassware, combines sustainability with style and aesthetics in this new collection.

Through its eco-friendly Aware Collection, Paşabahçe contributes to environmental protection by collecting and recycling glass that was previously used at least once. While eliminating the need for new raw material, Paşabahçe supports a cyclical economy whilst reducing its carbon footprint and industrial waste.

Paşabahçe designed its new collection Aware with the inspiration deriving from the colour of the Bosporus, calling its new collection’s unique colour as “Bosphorus Turquoise”. The Company invites everyone to support sustainability of the environment through the Aware Collection that offers 2 glass mugs and 2 tumblers. In order to produce glassware for this collection, Paşabahçe collects used glass products from recycling containers and separates them according to size and characteristics.
Used glass products that undergo the necessary processes are revived through this collection. Compared to other recycled glassware in the sector, Paşabahçe has succeeded in offering a collection worthy of its own quality, with the colour, clarity and transparency of Aware Collection.

Paşabahçe has developed Aware Collection based on its vision of leaving a better world for future generations in line with the Care For Next sustainability approach of Şişecam Group. In 2011, the Group launched the “Glass and Glass Again” project, which has become one of the most comprehensive sustainability and social responsibility projects in Turkey, and has recycled more than 1.3 million tons of glass waste so far.

Through the use of 10 percent glass cullet in production, 2.5 percent energy saving can be ensured in the production of glass, which is the most sustainable packaging material that can be 100 percent recycled countless times, with no loss in quality. Recycling merely a single glass bottle is sufficient alone to save electricity that is needed to power a computer for 25 minutes or a TV for 20 minutes.

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