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Pannkoke: modular vacuum lifting device

Pannkoke’s Kombi 7441-DS6 modular vacuum lifting device has an increased number of vacuum circuits, as well as an interchangeable holder, so as to adapt the suction frame to specific applications. The design of the Kombi 7441-DS6 guarantees that the elements held by the suction cups can be turned sensitively through +/-360°and tilted by 90°.

The Kombi 7441-DS6 modular vacuum lifting device was presented for the first time at the glasstec 2010 trade fair. In addition to increasing the number of vacuum circuits from two (as standard in the EU) to four, this device also features an interchangeable holder for the purpose of adapting the suction frame to specific applications. With this device series, Pannkoke Flachglastechnik GmbH has met its customers’ demands to introduce an extremely flexible vacuum lifting device to the market.
The maximum transport weight is 2,000kg. The basic version of the device is equipped with only four 488 suction cups which can be used to move heavy elements weighing 375kg, requiring a minimum suction area of 710x710mm, on EU construction sites. Fitted with extension sets, the maximum transport weight on EU construction sites increases in stages to 750kg/1,125 kg/1,500kg and 2,000kg. The minimum suction area required for the first expansion stage is 1,440x710mm with eight 488 suction cups, the next 1,440×1,45mm or 2,180x710mm with 12 488 suction cups, followed by a suction area of 2,180×1,450mm for 16 suction cups and, finally, a minimum suction area of 2,190×1,450mm for 24 488 suction cups in the final expansion stage. Other suction cup arrangements are possible, however, on request. Thanks to their adaptable sizes, the devices in this series are extremely versatile and, with suitable attachment kits, they can be subsequently adapted to specific requirements.
The Kombi 7441-DS6 vacuum lifting device features four separate vacuum circuits. The great advantage of these four-circuit devices is that if one vacuum circuit should fail, the three remaining independent vacuum circuits remain unaffected. Especially in the case of larger vacuum lifting devices, this brings enormous savings. In addition to minimizing the number of suction cups, the required suction time is also reduced.
The robust device design guarantees that the elements held by the suction cups can be turned sensitively through +/-360°and tilted by 90°. Corresponding to customer requirements, the device can be controlled either via cable or radio remote control.
In June 2011, a device of this series, the Kombi 7041-DS6, was delivered to Wintec Ltd., Natanya, Israel. The delivered vacuum lifting device has one vacuum circuit (only permitted outside the EU, as at least two vacuum circuits are required in the EU), a hydraulic tilting device and an electric rotary drive for a maximum transport weight of 1,200kg. The customer required a suction frame layout of 670x670mm, 2,140x670mm and 4,400×1,760mm. The device was configured to customer requirements and equipped with type 388 suction cups. An extension set was made correspondingly large in order to stabilize large glass panes.
From the very first time they used the lifting device, the workforce at Wintec were enthusiastic about its performance. Wintec Ltd. has recently installed two VITROCSA doors on the 23rd floor. Each of these 6x2m doors was made from green laminated glass, and each weighing 1,10 kg. The doors were fitted after only one hour – much quicker than expected.

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