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Ornilux bird protection glass features at IGMA conference

The Insulating Glass Manufacturer’s Alliance Winter Conference in Indian Wells, California, February 29 to March 3, will feature a presentation focusing on bird-friendly glass, by Lisa Schon of Arnold Glas.

Efforts of avian advocacy groups like American Bird Conservancy and Audubon and regional legislators have elevated awareness of and education about bird collisions to the point that glass industry professionals must now respond, according to an IGMA statement. This is evidenced by the vast publicity over prominent projects such as the new Minnesota Vikings stadium, and mandatory bird-friendly design regulations. Additionally, USGBC and ASTM have embraced the issue as an important environmental consideration for the glass industry.
The conference presentation will provide an overview of the collisions issue and discuss glass industry-relevant topics like regulations, codes and standards. Information about the market, case studies and bird-friendly glass treatments will also be discussed. Overall the goal is to afford glass industry professionals the information and tools needed to navigate through and respond to this here-and-now topic, according to the statement.
Lisa Schon is responsible for Marketing & Business Development at ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass, Arnold Glas, U.S. She is a marketing professional focused on enabling collaboration around the topic of bird window collisions between individuals, groups, organizations and government. ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass provides an innovative glazing solution for the mitigation of bird collisions with glass. She has developed a comprehensive marketing plan connecting a multitude of stakeholders; avian advocacy organizations, architects, builders, legislators and glass industry professionals.

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