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NSG: new online tool makes glass specification easier

The latest addition to NSG Group’s comprehensive range of online tools includes the Interactive Colour Swatch, and shows a mocked-up cityscape, with various different building types, enabling users to see how different glass ranges would appear installed as a building’s façade.

The NSG Group has launched the latest addition to a comprehensive range of online tools to help customers and specifiers choose the right glass to meet their needs. The Interactive Colour Swatch tool enables users to see how different glass ranges would appear installed as a building’s façade.
The tool shows a mocked-up cityscape, with various different building types. Users can select from a range of Pilkington products to see how they would appear on these different buildings. It also provides in-depth technical data to aid accurate specification. The Interactive Colour Swatch sits alongside two other interactive online tools the NSG Group has developed to help with choosing the right glass.
Pilkington Spectrum is a glass performance model enabling users to calculate the key properties of Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) online. It can provide information on light and solar properties (transmittance, reflectance, absorptance, g value), Ug-values, sound insulation, ultra violet (UV) transmittance and colour rendering. It can also model other properties such as pendulum body impact resistance, resistance to manual attack and fire resistance. Pilkington Spectrum can model single glazing as well a double, triple and quadruple glazed IGUs.
Given how loud motorways, airports and construction sites can be, the noise control properties of glazing are an essential consideration across the globe when choosing glass for buildings. The Pilkington Sound Simulator provides an accurate representation of how much external sound is audible through different glass ranges. It simulates the noise levels of various types of traffic background noise, and allows users to compare the technical data and audible performance of several glass ranges.
Faye Barrow, Digital Communications Manager for NSG Group Building Products, explained: “Interactive online tools have huge potential to transform the way glass is specified. We are committed to creating new tools to help our customers and specifiers to visualise their projects, and to make it easier to find the perfect glass product for any application.”
The Pilkington brand has been associated with glass since 1826. In 2006 Pilkington plc was acquired the NSG Group of Japan. The Pilkington brand name has been retained for the Group’s products intended for the construction and automotive industry. The expanded NSG Group is one of the world’s largest producers of glass and glass products for the construction industry, automotive industry and special glass sector. Production takes place in 30 countries on four continents and our products are sold in approximately 130 countries throughout the world. In the fiscal year ended 31 March 2011, the Group reported sales equivalent to around EUR 5 billion. Of the Group’s consolidated sales 41% were made in Europe, 29% in Japan, 14% in North America, and 16% in the rest of the world.

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