NorthGlass Tempering Furnace BU hits two new internal records

With more than 10 million USD NorthGlass reaches a new record of monthly delivery amount

In August 2019, NorthGlass Tempering Furnace BU has hit two new internal records:

  • monthly delivery amount of over U10 million USD
  • monthly sales revenue over 9 millions USD.

After the sales of new generation of B-Series Tempering Furnace in the market since 2018, NorthGlass Tempering Furnace product line is composed by three series: Top-Series, the 3rd generation of Advanced-Series and the new generation of Basic-Series, which can fully meet the requirements from different markets in China and overseas, in the application fields of architectural glass, doors & windows, glass curtain walls (facade), photovoltaic solar panel, shower cabin, automotive glass, etc.

The new generation of B-Series tempering furnaces gets clients’ consistent and strong praise, and has become NorthGlass’ new competitive force to further increase its market share.

On-site photo of the 3rd Generation of the Advanced Series

As the R&D enterprise of first glass tempering furnace made in China, North Glass has more than 25 years history in the development, design and manufacture of glass tempering furnaces. Since 1995, a total of 4700 glass tempering furnaces have been produced by NorthGlass and sold in more than 100 countries/regions all over the world.

In the near future, NorthGlass will make further progress with intelligent automation control technology, open up new markets in more application fields and then continuously improve the quality of its products.

On-site photo of the Top series

In the Intelligent Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) era, NorthGlass is committed to providing its customers with more valuable products and services.

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