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NorthGlass holds work meeting in Luoyang

On February 21, NorthGlass held a working meeting with the theme of “Sailing and moving forward, creating brilliance again, win in 2023!”

Mr. Xueming Gao, chairman of NorthGlass, Mr. Li Gao, vice chairman and President of NorthGlass, and other 50 general managers and heads of functional departments from various business divisions attended the meeting. They shared their experiences and talked about development.

2022 was still affected by the epidemic, and all business divisions of NorthGlass experienced a very difficult situation. But the company was still able to serve customers and achieve good results.

At the meeting, each functional department made reports on the financial indicators, internal audit situation, brand promotion, human resources and the construction of the high-end equipment industrial park. The general managers of each business division reviewed the market operation, manufacturing and product innovation.

In the past year, the market share of many industries in NorthGlass has steadily increased through active innovation to increase the added value of products, improve product quality and service quality. At the same time, all business departments have practised “internal skills,” optimized operation management, improved production efficiency and per capita output value, which was an important reason for the development of NorthGlass in 2022.

How to maintain the competitive advantage in the fierce market? Each business division has implemented a series of measures and strategic objectives, starting from product innovation, research and development investment, quality requirement to strengthen communication with customers, understanding of the market demand, launch products more suitable to the market, improve the market competitiveness, and achieve the company’s higher business objectives.

After listening to the reports, President Gao Li put forward specific work objectives and priorities for each business division. He focused on two major themes: “embracing innovation” and “corporate vision.” He said that China’s current and future economic development requires innovation from overall environment; innovation is endless; the creation, development and growth of NorthGlass are achieved step by step through innovation.

He emphasized that innovation comes at a price and should not be rejected because of the cost. All the changes are for the product, and even if the process is repeated, there is no doubt about the direction of innovation. He mentioned that innovation is in all aspects, and innovation is also something that every position can participate in.

At the meeting, the president put forward the corporate vision of NorthGlass: make the employees proud, make the government proud and win glory for the motherland. He discussed the aspects of improving employees’ income and happiness, increasing tax payment, assuming more social responsibilities and leading China’s glass deep processing industry to the world stage, specifically analysed how to realize this vision, and the vision of the enterprise also received warm discussion and positive response from participants.

The manager’s report was highly praised by the chairman Gao Xueming, who affirmed the achievements of various business departments in many aspects. At the same time, he expressed that he saw a positive team that dares to constantly improve. He said, “The president’s speech is accurate, comprehensive and profound. In recent years, under the leadership of the president, the management of various business divisions of NorthGlass has been steadily improved, and the innovation work has been continuously promoted and achieved good results.

Referring to innovation, the chairman said, “We have a lot of innovative new products. As a responsible enterprise, we have the obligation to promote the development of the green building industry and promote the progress of society.”

The managers meeting has laid a solid foundation for the development of NorthGlass in 2023 and injected strong impetus into the future of the company. During the meeting, the managers visited the Luoyang NorthGlass High-end Equipment Industrial Park under construction in Luoyang Industrial Cluster Zone. This will be the starting point for NorthGlass to take off again, and it will also spur all managers and employees of NorthGlass to grasp the development opportunities, develop a broader market and achieve greater self-value.

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