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NorthGlass held 2021 manager work meeting

The meeting was presided over by President Gao Li

On March 6 and 7, 2022, NorthGlass’ manager work meeting was successfully held in Luoyang.

Gao Xueming, chairman of NorthGlass and NorthGlass Silicon Nest, Gao Li, vice chairman and president of NorthGlass, Lei Min, vice president of NorthGlass, Gao Qi (Paul), vice president of NorthGlass and general manager of Tianjin NorthGlass, general managers of business divisions and heads of functional departments attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by President Gao Li. He said that NorthGlass has fully completed tasks for 2021 and its operating performance exceeded expectations. In 2021, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed company was CNY 47 million to CNY 70 million, which increased from 245 percent to 413 percent year on year. The operating revenue increased by about 60 percent.

The operating performance of Tianjin NorthGlass hit a record high, while the performance of tempering equipment company and NorthGlass Triturbo Fan Technology Co., Ltd was also bright. The managers of each functional department and each business division respectively summarized their work performance in 2021, analysed the problems encountered in the operation process, discussed the solutions and also made a report on the work plan in 2022.

After hearing the report, President Gao Li made a summary. He said that in recent years, NorthGlass has made remarkable achievements through management-enabled and innovation-driven development, based on lean management and steady quality development.

The president also made specific arrangements for the work of the subsidiaries and functional departments in 2022. He emphasized the production and operation activities in accordance with environmental requirements. Production safety is still the most important for the company, being required to strengthen production safety, reduce costs and efficiency, increase per capita productivity, raise the staff salary and reduce energy consumption to respond to national policies.

Chairman Gao Xueming put forward three requirements:

  1. improving the level of site management is the focus of production safety;
  2. NorthGlass should adhere to the concept of innovation;
  3. it is important to keep up with the pace of national development.

In the face of repeated global epidemic waves, an unstable regional situation, the strategy of “double carbon and double control” and domestic real estate decline, the glass processing industry has undergone a new trend change under the background of rising costs and structural adjustment. In this environment, NorthGlass should again take the initiative to promote the overall performance of the company.

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