Norlan’s new Rauk Heavy Tumbler

Norlan’s new Rauk Heavy Tumbler Weighing about a pound, features grooves to aid in muddling cocktail ingredients.

Computer technology and precision engineering are behind a new whiskey glass called the Rauk Heavy Tumbler from Norlan, a company started by Brian Fichtner and Shane Bahng, who were at the SoHo design store, Moss, and an Icelandic designer, Sruli Recht. The Rauk Heavy Tumbler weighs about a pound and holds 8.5-ounces, the glass is named after an old Scottish word for rock, and it has several interesting features to enhance the drink. The crystal glass, made in the Czech Republic, is molded with a chevron pattern inside at the bottom to augment muddling. And though its base appears flat, only four points of it actually touch a surface, making it seem lighter than it is.