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New report on Advanced Glazing Systems Markets 2012

NanoMarkets has released its most recent report on Advanced Glazing Systems Markets which, the company says, identifies where interesting opportunities can be found and how much they will be worth, creating profitable business opportunities for a wide variety of companies.

NanoMarkets has released its most recent report which covers the full range of high-performance windows systems that provide thermal, visual and IR management using the latest materials. NanoMarkets, in fact, believes that a fast growing market for advanced glazing systems can be expected and that this will create profitable business opportunities for a wide variety of companies. In this new report, NanoMarkets has identified where these opportunities can be found and how much they will be worth.
The report includes a comprehensive product roadmap for advanced glazing systems showing how windows products will evolve from the latest generation of highly insulated windows, through the incorporation of various dynamic glass (aka smart windows) technologies, and then on to systems with embedded solar and lighting functionality.
Sme of the high performance insulated windows and dynamic glass windows products that are already on the market are examined.
The report also includes a comprehensive discussion and forecast of how materials needs will change in the glazing systems market over the next eight years and how materials and chemical firms can benefit from these changes. Materials covered are smart materials, photoactive materials, glasses, plastics, framing materials, sealants, gasses, desiccants, etc.
According to NanoMarkets, this report will also be of considerable interest to both the solar panel industry and the solid-state lighting industry. The report informs companies how they can tap into the expected rapid growth of advanced glazing systems, and, in particular, will show how new opportunities will emerge for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) companies and OLED firms to make money by implanting PV and lighting layers into high-performance windows products. This report will also bring considerable insights to corporate planners throughout the building products and construction industries as well as architects and sophisticated investors.
The report also contains detailed eight-year forecasts of the markets analyzed as per value (USD millions) and volume (area) terms. Forecast breakouts are by end-user type, technology, materials used and geography. In addition, the report contains a thorough analysis of the product/market strategies of the leading firms currently active in the advanced glazing space. And both large-dimensioned firms – such as Alcoa, Saint-Gobain and Bayer – and the most recent start-ups are included in the coverage.

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