New pilot line has TRIULZI proudly flanking Brightlands Materials Center

With the support of TRIULZI, the BRIGHTLANDS MATERIALS CENTER in the Netherlands recently launched a coating pilot line for smart windows which features a self-regulating thermochromic coating that cuts energy consumption. Here the joint aim is to expand the technology while testing demonstration windows - all to align production with UN sustainable development goals.

In a project supported by Triulzi from the outset, the first coating pilot line for smart windows was inaugurated recently at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in the Netherlands – with one of the company’s machines, the TOSCANA.Y.1000 model, being included in the process.

Following years of research to find an intelligent solution to control temperature and comfort in both households and commercial buildings, the team at Brightlands Materials Center has developed a smart thermochromic coating which can power on automatically – keeping homes cool in summer and simultaneously transparent for solar heat during winter days. This makes it possible to substantially reduce both cooling systems use (e.g. air conditioners) and heating systems (powered by gas, wood or pellets). Here the thermochromic coating powers on automatically from a certain temperature, thus allowing windows to be placed in regular frames (without electrical systems/wires), which significantly reduces pollution and waste.

The event
Officially presented to the world on September 10, the new pilot plant only marked the first step along an ambitious journey that will bring much satisfaction to the Brightlands Material Center. The next goal is that of scaling the process while creating demonstration windows with SunSmart coating that can be tested in the environment of a real occupied building – a unique opportunity that will allow companies, industry professionals and end-users to all experience the real difference that Smart Windows can make within the field of automatic temperature regulation.

Triulzi chose to collaborate with Brightlands Materials Center (a joint innovation centre founded by TNO and the Province of Limburg) owing to its tireless efforts to develop innovative materials for a sustainable future.

Furthermore, in the field of sustainable buildings, the centre has the aim of ‘building a brighter future through the power of sunlight’ – a goal that’s also achievable by exploiting the characteristics of glass. Besides this synergy related to the material on which, in recent times, Brightlands Materials Center’s research has focused -as in the Smart Windows project- another common point it shares with Triulzi is that of desiring to build a greener future. Indeed Triulzi works with particular commitment to the sustainability of production processes and solutions – all with a view to arriving at the right balance for the environment.

Research that pays dividends
Such continuous research results in the creation of increasingly efficient and eco-friendly machines. Indeed it’s thanks to the latest generation of electronics that Triulzi machines can cut both energy consumption and resources in a ‘compromise’ that doesn’t penalize the final result. However it doesn’t end there. Triulzi is concretely doing its part to achieve some of the 17 goals for sustainable development (SDGs) that have been formulated by the United Nations General Assembly (Agenda 2030). This commitment guides both Triulzi’s behaviour and its company choices such that it ensures daily that the impact of industrial activity remains limited. Here reduction of energy consumption and waste, coupled with circularity of materials, are all keywords that guide Triulzi operations – allowing the company to develop solutions characterized by a life cycle that lasts. Here’s why, in its support of research together with the development of solutions that can contribute to an increasingly green future, Triulzi is flanking both institutions and private organizations that have projects which can concretely revolutionize day-to-day activities respecting sustainability and recycling. Indeed the Brightlands Material Center pilot coating line for smart windows is testimony to precisely this commitment.

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