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New Cugher’s high-speed screen-printing machine: The COMPACT 4C

Cugher, a leader in glass processing technology, has officially launched the revolutionary Compact 4C machine, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and performance. This fully automatic machine possesses enhanced capabilities to handle the production of bigger squared and rectangular glasses (minimum size 50 by 50 millimetres and maximum size 1300 by 700 millimetres) while maintaining extremely fast productivity, reaching 550 pieces per hour.

With innovative features like Edge-to-Edge printing and easy frame cleaning, the Compact 4C is establishing a new level of excellence in the industry. This makes the Compact 4C a cost-effective solution that strikes an excellent balance between agility and size, making it an ideal addition to glassworks seeking reliability and top-notch performance in partnership with Cugher.

By introducing the Compact 4C machine, Cugher is ready to meet the growing demands of its customers in the home appliance sector.

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