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National Window Film Day: Spread the word!

2016 is the 25th anniversary of the International Window Film Association and also the third annual National Window Film Day (NWFD) on April 30th.

“NWFD was developed by the IWFA to unify our industry and further raise consumer awareness of window film’s many benefits. It is designed to boost understanding, trust, enthusiasm and demand for window film nationwide,” said Darrell Smith, Executive Director of the IWFA.
“Every year, the grassroots efforts of our members help spread awareness of NWFD even more. Last year, the governors of Massachusetts, Virginia and Hawaii proclaimed April 30th National Window Film Day in their states, and we expect even further support this year.
 While the IWFA began NWFD, we rely on our members to make the day truly special. Locally, your businesses can make a big impact in spreading the word. From reaching out to your mayor or elected officials at the municipal or county level to hosting an event at your dealerships or spreading the word online – your efforts go a long way in growing this day of recognition for our industry every year.”
On the website,  visitors can find a complete Member’s Only Promotional Kit which includes a proclamation draft to submit to local officials, sample social media posts, a template article to submit to local papers, and more. Non-IWFA members are covered, too – the Public Promotional Kit can also be found on the IWFA website.
“Together, let’s make this year’s National Window Film Day the best yet! We look forward to your help spreading the word in the run up to April 30th,” said Mr Smith.

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