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Nardo Vetro chooses Mappi EcoConvection furnaces

When choosing the right furnace to use to process the glass it supplies for top-level architectural and interior uses, Nardo Vetro relies on Mappi.

“Producing good glass is not enough to make the difference in the market, you have to aim for perfection if you want to offer your customers what they are looking for, and of course they want only the best.” This is the opinion of Giorgio Nardo, CEO of Nardo Vetro who has been operating in the glass industry for more than 50 years with constant growth of experience and competitiveness.

Thanks to continuous work and aim to reach excellence, the company is now one of the most recognized glass companies in Italy, with products chosen for high quality standard works where design and safety are essential.

From luxury shower enclosures to an entire restaurant room for an ocean liner, every single product is realized to make glass the protagonist in architectural applications.

Tempered glass is one of the strengths for this Italian industry that chose another Italian company for its tempering furnaces 25 years ago: Mappi.

“We believed in Mappi right away because they talk to us only about quality. Every single choice they make is about quality, from the choice of material to the technology right up to people. Mappi has proved in these years to be the right partner for us who believed in uncompromising quality too.”

With IAPMO certification and E3 type-approval, this kind of glass is always more requested in high technology and safety works and Nardo Vetro to ensure perfection of glass they have performed the measurement of the glasses both flat and curved through a sophisticated system of measurement.

Thanks to Mappi EcoConvection furnaces Nardo Vetro saves about 20% time and energy each production cycle and the glass is always so perfect to be chosen by important naval brand as MSC cruises for one of the biggest ocean liners ever built in Italy: the Seaside or from Seabourn Cruise line.

Cruise passengers can see Nardo Vetro glass in the High-tech and luxury rooms of the Restaurant, the Theatre, and the Cocktail area.

Today Nardo Vetro counts on a productive plant able to design and to realize solutions for the use of the glass in sectors such as residential, furnishings, architecture and in industry. Nardo Vetro uses its own high-tech technologies and automation to transform the glass, making it suitable to withstand consistent thermal excursion, as in the case of the refrigerators or glass cooktops.

“Choosing high quality machines means guaranteeing high quality products, everything starts from the furnace where you can use your personal recipe to temper the perfect glass,” says Giorgio Nardo.

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