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Molver DM – one more special product for the North American market

High efficiency and high speed production with the widest range of solutions for your IG Units.

Once again, the Fenzi Group manifests its ability to engineer products capable of meeting the most specific market demands. Its widespread distribution network and constant presence in strategic markets have consistently allowed the Group to develop solutions specific to the needs voiced by its customers. This is exactly the case of Molver DM, the latest generation desiccant matrix developed in the labs at the Group’s American subsidiary, Fenzi North America, and designed to work flawlessly with Intercept® Spacer System applicators.
Fenzi thus fills out is range of insulating glass solutions with a very specific and competitive product dedicated to the American market, as proof of its role as a key technological partner for the entire glass industry.

Providing the ideal desiccant matrix to ensure a perfectly water-free zone for the gas contained between the two glass sheets of the IG unit, Molver DM combines a high capacity for absorption with superior physical properties. It captures the moisture inside the IG unit and ensures optimum spacer stability, maintaining the performance features of the entire unit constant over time and ensuring longer life, despite the thermal stresses to which the unit is exposed.
Thanks to its special formulation, Molver DM also enhances performance through superior adhesion to the spacer, making this product ideal for the characteristic U-shaped spacers widely used in the USA. Molver DM is extremely versatile. It can be used in any kind of unit, in combination with the best-selling Hotver A+ sealants, used and appreciated around the world. Also easy to apply, the product adds efficiency and speed to the manufacture of IG units.

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