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MirrorWorks and Mappi: a shared view of the glass industry’s future

MirrorWorks from Ottawa, Canada, is a typical example of a company that has based its growth on Passion and Pride. Passion for glass and its qualities, Pride for results achieved in 30 years of work. As a result, Mirror Works has become the largest residential glass company in the Ottawa region.

We met Mr. Nermin Berbic from MirrorWorks to talk about his company, and their most recent improvement: an all new tempering furnace, a Mappi Fox 1500×3000.
What’s your approach to glass?
We believe that everything should be built solid, durable and aesthetically pleasing, whether it be railings, showers, doors or mirrors. Mirror Works believes that small detail matter!

We know you’ve choose a new tempering furnace. Why did you choose to buy a Mappi furnace? Based on what characteristics?
There are a few reasons, the main one is that the furnace doesn’t need a long time to reheat after shutting down. Second, it is the right size for us, third is quality (based on feedback from existing Mappi costumers) and, of course, the most important reason: Mappi’s people, from Nancy to everybody else that we have been in contact with.

A tempering furnace is the heart for a Company like yours. What do you expect from the arrival of the new Mappi furnace?
Being more reliable, punctual and of course increasing our business. Our typical customers are builders, contractors and individuals. Fox is a really flexible tempering furnace, able to guarantee unsurpassed quality, both in large and in small batches. Energy consumption is reduced to a minimum and, last but not least, a true user friendly interface, which automates many of the necessary settings and allows the operator to focus on the really relevant decisions.

How do you see the future for the glass industry?
I see the glass industry as very dynamic and focused on innovation. This new furnace is an example of this, with the ever deeper implementation of 4.0 technologies. Solutions “powered by Siemens” that make machine and management system communicate directly. The future is already here, even if customers’ main focus is on price and then on quality. We are ready to offer both!

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