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Members of CPPCC and other leaders visit LandGlass

Members of CPPCC and other leaders visit LandGlass


Company highlights LandVac® during evaluation process

Recently various leaders toured the LandGlass insulated glass production facility in the Yibin District to evaluate the quality of business development in private enterprises. Among these leaders were Chairperson of the Provincial Federation of Industry Commerce Jing Liang and her colleagues. The Deputy Chairman of Luoyang Municipal CPPCC, the Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Shizhu An, the Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department, the Party Secretary of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Wuli Ma, and other leaders joined them in the visit.

Accompanied by the Chairman of the Board and General Manager of LandGlass, Yan Zhao, the leaders toured LandGlass’ fully tempered vacuum insulated glass production base, where Mr. Zhao detailed the development of LandVac®, the global layout of LandGlass’ patents, and the broad market application prospects of the product.

LandVac® is the result of eight years of research and development, a self-developed fully tempered vacuum insulated glass incorporating breakthroughs in various technical areas. It has passed a number of top rated tests in the industry, including ISO9001 quality system certification, ift thermal transmittance test, sound isolation test, ATI wind resistance test, and ANSI impact resistance test. In addition to the excellent properties it has in energy-saving, thermal insulation, noise reduction, and anti-condensation, the glass also demonstrates outstanding safety advantages with high strength against wind pressure.

While inspecting the LandVac production line, Jing Liang asked in detail about the production and processes of LandVac®. She expressed great appreciation of the efforts made by LandGlass in independent development of technologies and the excellent performance of LandVac®.

Looking forward, under the guidance of LandGlass’ principle for continuous innovation, while pursuing its technology lead in the industry, the company is committed to integrating intelligent manufacturing into the field of glass processing and provide equipment that will allow enterprises in the industry around the world to challenge themselves and succeed.


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