Mappi International to be back to Colombia Glass

The Italian company will present its glass tempering systems and glass laminating machines on 20-21 November in Bogotá

By participating at Colombia Glass Mappi aims to reconfirm itself as a reference point in the world of glass.
Since 1993 Mappi has been designing and manufacturing glass tempering systems. Two locations, one in Italy and one in Florida (USA), are in charge of the construction and assistance of the 400 plants installed throughout the world. Each of these represents a response aimed at the needs of a specific customer.

For those looking for the best glass quality, Mappi offers a series of innovations that combine temperature detection devices, control systems, and slab handling during the hardening phase, which can guarantee compliance with and exceed the best quality standards, even on extremely thin slabs, as they are today those used to produce the best laminated glass or low-e.

Currently the Mappi range is divided into two product lines: Fox and Ats. The Fox series offers compact furnace, with loading dimensions starting from 1050×2300 mm, while the Ats series reaches up to 3300×6000 mm.

For those looking for the best economic efficiency, each furnace Mappi represents the meeting point between energy savings (obtained with meticulous optimization of consumption), ease of use (which allows to delegate to the machine a large number of operations), and a surprising reactivity both in ignitioning and in switching off the machine.

Mappi besides hardening furnaces also manufactures glass laminating machines.

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