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Şişecam met with business partners at global supplier summit

Şişecam, a global player in the glass and chemicals industries, with production activities spread across 14 countries on four continents, convened with business partners at the ‘Şişecam Global Supplier Summit,’ organized under the theme ‘United to Collaborate.’

Dr. Ahmet Kirman, Chairman and Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Şişecam, in his opening speech at the Summit called for working together to build a better world.

Dr. Kırman said, “The global glass industry, which has played an important role in the development of humanity and has now reached a volume of USD 250 billion, must work together with common sense and collaboration to become carbon neutral and achieve sustainability goals.”

A New Business Model
Gorkem Elverici, CEO of Şişecam, in his speech shared the company’s new projects aimed at transforming the industry, describing Şişecam’s transformation journey.

Elverici said, “Alongside our deep-rooted history, we are undergoing a transformation process focused on technology and sustainability. Strengthened by strategic steps such as digitalization and One Şişecam, our company is working on a business model that will contribute to the development of the industry using 89 years of know-how. With our ‘Plant of the Future’ business model, we aim to transform the industry. Our main objective with this initiative is to use cutting-edge technology to optimize costs from the vision and design stages and to continuously improve all production processes.”

Elverici emphasized that this new business model will play a significant role in reducing energy consumption, saying, “The glass industry is an energy-intensive sector. Therefore, there is a high level of energy consumption in production processes. Our new business model, Plant of the Future, will reduce energy consumption and develop environmentally friendly production models through the capabilities of using cutting edge applications and alternative energy.

“Through renewable energy projects adapted to our business model, we aim to reduce carbon emissions during glass production. This as a significant opportunity for the sustainability of our industry.”

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