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Manifesto 2024-2029: Glass for Europe presents policy recommendations

Glass for Europe has unveiled a two-page Manifesto outlining its priorities and policy recommendations for the 2024-2029 mandate of the European institutions.

With the European elections taking place in less than 70 days, from June 6 to 9, Glass for Europe released a new document which comes as a complement to the five-part video series in which industry leaders introduce the industry’s realities. The Manifesto outlines the key areas of work that newly elected policy makers should address to ensure that the flat glass sector can effectively contribute to the EU’s climate neutrality goal, but also to improve the economic resilience and competitiveness of the Union.

Considering the efforts to be made during the next mandate for the EU to achieve its 55 percent reduction in CO2 emissions and the significant headwinds faced by Europe’s economy and industry, Glass for Europe invites policy-makers to focus on four work streams:

• Boost windows replacement,
• Support energy and carbon efficiency of industrial process,
• Incentivise the recycling of old glazing and,
• Strengthen Europe’s industrial base.

To help supporting these ambitions, Glass for Europe is making concrete policy proposals which should serve as a basis for discussions with newly elected MEPs, European officials, and civil society. The Manifesto will be presented to incumbent and new policy makers throughout the next months.

You can watch the five-part video series here and find the document here.

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