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Magneco/Metrel joins Colombia Glass 2017

Magneco/Metrel will be exhibiting at Colombia Glass 2017

US company Magneco/Metrel to present its technologies for the glass sector at Colombia Glass 2017.

At the beginning Magneco and Metrel were two different companies: Magneco produced fired shapes, while Metrel was a monolithic refractories manufacturer. In 1981 these two companies merged with the name of Magneco/Metrel.
Early product combinations of Magneco/Metrel were refractory stool inserts with Metrel mortars, coatings and patch materials; Magneco dams, weirs and baffles combined with Metrel low cement castables and tundish veneers. Blast Furnace Cast House Refractories which evolved from: Fast drying shovel set and rammable materials using colloidal silica as a binder; to resin bonded ramming Mixes and shapes made from low cement castables licensed from Kawasaki’s Refractories, starting in 1983.
In 1989 the company, made a total commitment to nanotechnology: a new technology utilizing the latest versions of colloidal silica combined with other chemical additives to form a unique binding system.
The great success of the Nanotechnology approach in Iron making Cast Houses led to other Iron making applications for a family of products built on the common base of the colloidal silica binder system. The unique characteristics of the Refractories made with the colloidal silica binder system developed by Magneco/Metrel, lead Magneco/Metrel to experiment with a number of other formulas to create value for customers by providing quick repairs and therefore equipment availability. To date, there has been great success with monolithic materials in Reheat Furnaces, Glass making Furnaces, Frit making Furnaces, Sodium Silicate Furnaces and in the Aluminum, Copper and Ferro Alloys Industries.
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