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Magid is revolutionizing PPE for the glass industry

A leader in PPE innovations, Magid is producing PPE that protects workers in the hot and dangerous conditions of glass manufacturing

Glass Build America 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, will see in Booth #3215 the unveiling of Magid’s new line of Personal Protective Equipment specially engineered to serve the unique needs of the glass industry and available soon to glass companies across the United States. These game-changing and innovative products protect glass workers from head to toe while keeping them cooler and more comfortable including:

ANSI Cut A9 garments are up to 30 percent lighter than comparable products for the highest levels of cut protection with unmatched comfort and breathability
PPG® and Neat™ certified gloves that dramatically outperform the competition and last up to 6 times longer, some with HB Fuller® approval for butyl adhesion resistance.

“Magid has been providing solutions for glass manufacturing customers for decades. So when our glass industry customers told us that the PPE they were getting from other sources was bulky, cumbersome and hot, we assembled a team to travel the country talking to customers in glass facilities from float glass plants to window and door assembly facilities.

“They told us, not only that their PPE wasn’t working for them, but that they were having trouble with supply lines and high prices. We got to work using some of our latest innovations in cooler, lighter, cut-resistant materials to create exactly what glass workers need to stay safe and comfortable in the hot environment of glass manufacturing,” said Jennifer Walrich, Product Manager at Magid. “Top glass manufacturers have already been testing and evaluating these items with us. They love the products and the incredible value!”

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