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LTI Group chooses Mappi

LTI Group chose a Mappi ATS 4.0 2200×4200 for its lamination needs

When looking for a laminating furnace for its production, LTI Group chose Mappi’s ATS 4.0 thanks to energy savings, optimal performance and the highest standard of productivity and quality.

The LTI Group is a leading provider of innovative laminated glass and polymer products to a broad variety of industries, such as architectural, automotive, airline, marine, entertainment, security and industrial – among others – around the world. The Group is known as a pioneer in the processing and laminating of electrified films, and is renowned for its creativity in providing innovative, customized solutions to meet specific customer needs.
For more than a decade, the Group has been a leading laminator for security products for detention facilities, the US Government and the Armed Forces. As a vertically integrated organization, the company sees the process through from start to finish, with design, clean room and production facilities designed to deliver reliable, high-quality products, be they for security, architectural, or decorative purposes.
Now with the fourth generation of owners, the Group has, right from the 1990s, been primarily focused on high quality. Production started with lamination but after discovering that there was quite a demand for tempered glass it soon became part of regular production. This is why LTI Group needed a tempering furnace that works harder and better and which is especially totally reliable.
After contacting a number of companies, and limiting its choice to the best two tempered glass samples – one of which from Mappi – the final choice was the Mappi ATS 4.0 2200×4200, thanks to, most of all the MHS and the Removable Heating Chamber.
The MHS|Multizone Heating System automatically manages the temperature of the furnace through a network of electronically controlled sensors. This allows the temperatures to remain constant and focused only in areas where there is the presence of glass.
– Finely controlled heating zones ensure thermal and energy efficiency;
– Every heating element is equipped with an independently managed thermocouple;
– Wire heating resistance made with special alloy;
– Heating zones ‘movable’ (they are interchangeable) in case of emergency.
Mappi is the only tempering producer that has the Removal Heating Chamber feature for much easier maintenance and better finished product quality. The fact that there is no longer the need to remove the roller to access the lower heating chamber also has an important impact on quality.
In fact, roller removal is always a risky operation especially with regards to replacing the rollers in the exact micrometric position.
After a year of operations, Chris Kapiloff, LTI owner, is extremely satisfied with his choice: “The value of the furnace is noticeable for energy savings and keeping the furnace clean and at optimal performance to guarantee highest standard of productivity and quality.”
Thanks to its quick start up time, the furnace can be put into sleep mode every night and any day the company is closed. Promises were confirmed and verified: ATS 4.0 is 40% more efficient than its competitors in energy savings and is therefore s very environmentally friendly product.
“To be top quality, you need glass without bending and with extreme clarity. That’s what a Mappi furnace gives. The furnace is like a space ship in the glass shop. Everyone stops and admires its beauty. It is so exotic and interesting to look at and every time a customer visits the shop, it is their favourite part of the entire facility,” says Kapiloff.
Newly headquartered in Pittsfield, Massachusetts; The LTI Group offers more than 120,000 square feet of production capacity with four autoclave ovens, state-of-the-art processing equipment, large-area glass cutting & polishing, and more.
With consistent growth since opening, LTI has kept pace by continually monitoring the industry, assessing/predicting its needs, and adding/updating equipment and staff where necessary. This ability to fulfill the needs of each industry involved, has allowed for an efficient production environment, while maintaining the level of premier quality which has driven LTI’s success.
The LTI Group’s commitment to clients results in ‘no job too small’ or ‘no job too large’. Protective laminates, decorative laminates, and state-of-the-art technology laminates are a staple in today’s environment.

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