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LiSEC RHV-A – Automatic vertical loading and unloading via robot

LiSEC‘s RHV-A is suitable for all those who want to load from a glass block to a vertical line or from a vertical line to a glass block. The maximum glass weight is 480 kilograms.

The vacuum suction clamp for vertical loading and unloading of glass sheets via robot can be flexibly adapted to the products and glass blocks. As a result, the insulating glass line can be loaded fully automatically with individual sheets of glass or unloaded with insulating glass units, ensuring a stable and continuous process. The fixed support fingers and the extendable suction clamps facilitate low-impact transport of elements with thermoplastic spacers. The linear arrangement of the suction clamps facilitates the re-turning of the units if necessary.

 How is the robot loading and unloading configured?
The system consists of a robot and a clamp. The RHV-A ensures safe and uninterrupted loading and unloading of glass blocks / transport containers in conjunction with the various corresponding logistics solutions. The robot manufacturer can be optionally selected (ABB, Kuka, Fanuc).

How does the RHV-A work?
Unloading by means of RHV-A is carried out as follows:
• Transfer of the glass sheet data from the upstream machine to the robot
• With the help of this data, the robot calculates the travel path and the required speed
• Activate the required vacuum suction cups on the clamp
• Suction and lift out the glass sheet with the robot

What advantages does the system offer?
Continuous production is ensured by automated loading and unloading. The optimised suction and placement process ensures consistent product quality. This prevents the suction cups from unnecessarily slipping off when the sheets are set down manually. The robot in combination with the identification of the glass blocks facilitates flexible stacking onto different transport containers.

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