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LiSEC: highlight interviews – prdCtrl

The mobile app is available for all Android devices, facilitating daily work routines and helping to increase efficiency

LISEC production control (LiSEC.prdCtrl) is a mobile app available for all Android devices. With this new production control app, daily production processes are decoupled from fixed stations.

How does LiSEC.prdCtrl work?
By simply scanning the barcode of a product or a rack anywhere in production, the desired information can be retrieved. The LiSEC Production Control App comprises three areas: production feedback, transport rack management and delivery picking.

What advantages does this software offer?
This state-of-the-art Android app facilitates daily work and helps to increase efficiency. With LiSEC.prdCtrl, actions can be triggered where the actual work is done. Directly in the app, it is possible to carry out a variety of operations, such as completion notifications, marking for quality inspections, but also the management of rack contents and the preparation of deliveries.

Furthermore, the app contains information about the material and, in the event of glass breakage during transport, a breakage report is immediately triggered and a reproduction is scheduled in a timely manner. LiSEC.prdCtrl is a powerful extension to the production planning system.

For whom is LiSEC.prdCtrl suitable?
For all customers to extend the LISEC production control system with a mobile app and to simplify the work steps in production and shipping.

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