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LiSEC: Frame mounting at Glas Kühnel – straightforward and ergonomic

“Focussing on the latest technology is important to us - we want to stay continuously up-to-date”

Glas Kühnel, based in Gangkofen, Germany, is one of the leading insulating glass manufacturers in southern Bavaria and employs around 40 people. The company impresses with its wide range of products, high flexibility, short delivery times and outstanding quality. In 2021, Glas Kühnel invested in a LiSEC insulating glass line including a frame mounting station with assembly aid. This increased productivity and enhanced operator ergonomics.

Glas Kühnel produces double and triple insulating glass as well as stepped glass, glass lites sheets for sound insulation, thermal insulation and solar protection. LSG glass lites sheets in sizes from 6 to 16 millimetres is stored in the large glass storage facility. Since 2021, the company has been able to seal the sheets with silicone.

The company stands out thanks to its impressive flexibility and its ability to tailor its products to individual customer wishes. Glas Kühnel is also able to offer very short delivery times, and can usually produce the order on the day it is placed by the customer.

Insulating glass production by LiSEC
Glas Kühnel was so satisfied with the existing insulating glass lines that it stood to reason that the company would once again opt for LiSEC when ordering a new insulating glass line.

“The units and products are becoming bigger and heavier. This meant a LiSEC line that was incapable of processing such units had to be replaced. It is getting on in years, but remains in very well-maintained and good condition,” said Florian Kühnel, Managing Director.

The old LiSEC line was taken back and dismantled by Glastronic. The new LiSEC insulating glass line enables Glas Kühnel to build particularly large and thick sheets – with the company now able to produce sizes of up to 5 by 3 metres.

“We appreciate the high quality of the LiSEC machines. They are clearly well designed and contain many innovations. A lot has changed in comparison to the old machine,” said Mr. Kühnel.

LiSEC RSV-MHS-B makes frame mounting easier
Mounting the frame is a challenge, especially with large sheets. The LiSEC mounting station for spacer frames with assembly aid simplifies this process and enhances operator ergonomics. It is no longer necessary for operators to climb a ladder and place the frame on the upper edge. The assembly aid bar descends and the frame is placed on the stops, after which the frame is aligned to the centre from both sides using the clamps. Finally, the bar moves to the required height and presses the frame against the glass at the upper edge.

The height-adjustable roller beams automatically adjust themselves to the height of the glass edge. Four side steps are possible with the RSV-MHS-B. Adjustment of the stops is automatic. Shapes are no problem either. Opening roller shutters for large glass sheets and installed LED lighting enable inspection of the glass sheets.

Looking ahead to the future
Mr. Kühnel sees a positive future ahead, commenting, “Material availability is currently very good. The end of 2021 was pretty tough. In the future, we want to further expand our customer base and remain a reliable supplier for our customers. Furthermore, focussing on the latest technology is important to us – we want to stay continuously up-to-date.”

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