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LIJIANG Glass: The Intelligent Glass Storage Sorting System

The Intelligent Glass Storage Sorting System, which is independently developed and produced by LIJIANG Glass, includes a horizontal and vertical turning table, a vertical measuring table, a glass shuttle machine, a film storage machine and a vertical and horizontal turning table arranged along the glass conveying direction. Through the coordination and cooperation of various components, a series of processes such as horizontal and vertical conversion of glass, specification measurement, classified storage, and on-demand access are completed.

Before processing the insulating glass by automatic equipment, the glass is sorted and cached. The requirement for the automatic pairing of insulating glass A/B pieces are met, and the scattered glass is input into the roadway for fast and accurate detection, intelligent comparison. Optimization of the system and then output according to the rules of the racking mode sheets, instead of manually matching sheets and order, improve the production efficiency of insulating glass.

If you want to know more, click here for a video.

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