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LIJIANG Glass: Insulated glass digitization producing solution supplier

Support the interconnection of various types of terminal equipment
Users can use the original glass processing terminal equipment, including the insulating glass processing terminal equipment of well-known brands, as well as the insulating glass processing terminal equipment based on CNC or industrial computer, can be compatible with PLC, CNC and Mach, and other digital control.

Provide one-stop service
Provide overall services such as glass processing equipment use consultation, pre-sales, installation and commissioning, maintenance, localized after-sales support in key global regions, and make full use of the long-term operation and maintenance personnel hired by local agents and dealers to provide services. Reduce service costs and improve the response speed.

Cost saving
Purchasing companies will pro-actively identify and measure costs beyond the standard unit price, transportation and processing when evaluating purchasing plans or supplier performance. LIJIANG Glass is committed to reducing the purchase price for purchasing companies, and will also reduce the use cost and scrap cost of automated glass processing equipment and the total of the cost incurred during the life of the service.

Wide coverage
The client terminal can walk through the entire production workshop. By connecting to the private network of the OA production order system built by the customer, the customer can freely mobilize and use the equipment that is also connected to the OA production order system platform to expand the automated production and processing capacity of the user’s factory.

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