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LIJIANG Glass: installation process of insulating glass equipment

Through years of experience in assembling insulating glass equipment, LIJIANG Glass has efficiently summarized the installation and debugging process from equipment arrival and unloading to installation site preparation, from equipment assembly to debugging, adjustment and system interlocking to ensure that the safe use of automatic insulating glass equipment.

  1. Equipment transportation
    Determine the transportation method according to the quantity of equipment. Generally, it is transported by car or container; large equipment and special large equipment can be transported by special vehicles.
  2. Unloading
    During the loading and unloading process, the goods should be protected from damage and prevented from being bumped and squeezed.
  3. Installation site preparation
    1. The construction site should be cleaned and levelled;
    2. Measure dimensions and elevation;
    3. Carry out waterproofing treatment for temporary drainage ditches;
    4. Harden the ground to prevent sand from forming on the ground.
    5. Prepare lifting facilities and other tools.
    6. Reserve the power supply location and power connection conditions in accordance with the design drawings;
  4. Assembly
    1. Assemble the components into one body in order according to the requirements of the drawing, check whether the components are damaged and whether the connections are firm;
    2. Adjust the gap size of the assembly;
    3. Trial run for 1 hour to check the debugging effect.
  5. Adjustment
    1. Adjust the relative position and mutual cooperation of each component according to actual usage conditions.
    2. Adjust the gap size of the assembly.
    3. Test the tightness.
    4. Test whether the wind pressure value and air volume adjustment range meet the design requirements.
    5. Test whether the wind pressure value and fan speed meet the design requirements.
    6. Test whether the temperature control value meets the design requirements.

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