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LIJIANG Glass: After-sales support Service Training Day

Four foreign after-sales support service employees of LIJIANG Glass, Mr. Suraj, Mr. Mohit, Mr. Vikram and Mr. Mandeep, visited recently the company.

LIJIANG Glass’ factory director and the directors of each equipment assembly team received the visitors and talked about the relevant after-sales maintenance knowledge. “This training was very fruitful.” said Mr. Suraj, “We are very grateful for this training and now we can apply it in our after-sales service work.”

This training lasted 2 days: From theoretical knowledge to technical practical operation, the LIJIANG Glass professional after-sales service team answered all-round questions on topics of customer concern such as scientific maintenance of insulating glass equipment, improving work-piece detection efficiency, and proficient use of software customized function modules, pass cases analysis, troubleshooting drills and other forms make the training content closer to reality and easier to understand and master, so as to promote customers’ in-depth understanding of the product.

LIJIANG Glass Machine is committed to providing customers with all-round support and services, adhering to the rapid response mechanism of “response within 1 hour, repairing within 24 hours, repairing within 72 hours””, quickly completing customer production testing standards and realizing a closed-loop entire process. Efficient service experience ensures customer satisfaction and trust.


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