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Friday, December 9, 2022

Less than a month to Glass World – Alu Glass World

Glass World – Alu Glass World will be taking place at the Cairo International Convention Centre (CICC), Cairo, Egypt, 28-30 June.

In about three weeks, Glass World – Alu Glass World will open its doors to meet up with key industry players.
This sixth edition of the exhibition will be taking place 28-30 June in Cairo, Egypt, at the Cairo International Convention Centre (CICC).
Products on show at this year’s event will include: glass machinery, equipment and technology; glass manufacturing machines; glass processing and recycling machinery; glass container machines; glass cutting and packing machines; glass washing machinery; glass sand blasting machinery; welding and polishing machinery; insulating glass machinery; hot end handling materials and systems; cold end handling materials and systems; laboratory services and analytical equipment; equipment for mirror – making and silvering, equipment for glass furniture; vacuum coating equipment; drying, decorating and printing equipment; edging, bevelling and drilling machines; forming, bending, melting and tempering technology; laminated glass plants; water jet machines; batch plants; glazing tools; measurement, testing, control and finishing technology; tools, replacement, refining and spare parts; glass ovens and furnaces; refractories and castings; as well as medical and scientific purpose; glass laboratory glass and optical glass.
Chemicals and raw materials used for glass will include: soda ash; silicate blocks; silica sand; calcium oxide; sand casting and mould casting.
glass sector visitors attending will be from the following sectors: glass manufacturers; glass producing and processing factories; glaziers; food and beverage manufactures; medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers; automotive factories; mechanical engineering; electrics and electronics factories; importers, exporters and distributors; agents, buyers and dealers; representatives of glass associations and organizations; distributors and suppliers of glass machinery and Parts; Operations, Project, Purchasing and Technical Plant Managers.

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