LandVac tempered vacuum insulated glass sets new standard for quality of life

In an attempt to minimise environmental damage, industries around the world have taken actions to explore energy saving possibilities.

The construction industry which accounts for one third of final energy consumption, is developing energy efficient buildings, correlating reductions in energy use with increased occupant comfort. As an integral part of green buildings, energy efficient windows and doors are playing an important role. Although doors and windows account for only 10% of the exterior area, they are responsible for 44% of energy loss. From Low-E to insulated glass, from multi-pane laminated glass to vacuum glass, the glass industry continues to innovate.
Originating from the Duval bottle, or vacuum flask, vacuum is now an advanced high-tech product, consisting of two or more pieces of flat glass with micro supporting spacers inside and edges sealed to create vacuum chamber in between. Since the first flat vacuum glass prototype was developed by University of Sydney in the 90s, then glass industry has worked on many ways to improve the product. From degree of vacuum to spacers, from sealing materials to sealing technique, its performance in thermal and sound insulation has been improved considerably.
However, how to ensure the safety of the vacuum glass was a tough challenge to the industry for many years. LandGlass has profound expertise in core technologies for tempering equipment and tempered glass. With glass safety in mind, the company devoted many years of R&D work to integrating the vacuum glass tempering with LandGlass’ exclusive vacuum glass manufacturing technology. As a result, LandVac® emerged. LandVac is a new generation fully tempered safety vacuum glass developed by LandGlass with independent intellectual property rights. By adopting technologies from various fields, LandVac offers outstanding performance in thermal insulation, soundproof, and condensation-free while maintaining its strength and safety advantage against wind pressure. As robust and wind resistant as tempered glass, its high vacuum inner layer ensures the super low U-value and prolonged useful life. With its powerful thermal and soundproof features, LandVac brings quietness to home by blocking the disturbance of noises. Combining safety, energy-saving, and comfort, it is the product of unremitting pursuit for innovative technology and better life, an by the LandGlass team.
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