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LandGlass: What leads to uneven heating in glass tempering furnaces

More advice from LandGlass, this time about the main factors leading to uneven heating in glass tempering furnaces.

  1. The fault of the heating element in a glass tempering furnace will cause it not to work properly, resulting in uneven heating.
  2. Failure or inaccurate calibration of the thermocouple(temperature sensor) can also lead to uneven heating in the tempering furnace.
  3. The glass is placed unreasonably on the rollers. Since ceramic rollers are poor heat conductors, repetitive use of a certain area of the heating furnace will lead to temperature reduction in the area. In the meantime, the area of ceramic rollers not carrying glass will have a relatively higher temperature, resulting in temperature differences between the areas and uneven heating for the glass.
  4. Poor edge sealing of the heating furnace will cause more local heat loss at the edges, resulting in uneven heating in the glass tempering furnace.

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