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LandGlass ships 8th tempering machine to FUSO, India

LandGlass has recently dispatched its eighth glass tempering machine to FUSO, marking another milestone in its enduring partnership with the Indian company.

FUSO is a leading name in the glass processing sector in India, with a rich legacy spanning over 50 years. Its products, known for their quality and reliability, have been integral to many of India’s landmark construction projects.

FUSO, renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence and quality in the glass industry, has maintained a fruitful relationship with LandGlass for over a decade. This bond started in 2008 with the purchase of LandGlass’s first full Jetconvection glass tempering furnace. Since then, the great performance of the machine and LandGlass’s exceptional after-sales service have consistently surpassed FUSO’s expectations.

Over a decade, FUSO has consistently chosen LandGlass for its expanding needs, purchasing a total of eight glass tempering machines to keep pace with their increasing order volume. Fuso believed “Fuso Glass and LandGlass are a family, we mutually have the absolute trust. I believe LandGlass. I believe your machine and service.”

LandGlass, in turn, is committed to growing together with its clients. The company is dedicated to delivering top-tier glass tempering machinery and solutions to customers, providing comprehensive support to ensure their success in the highly competitive glass industry.

This latest shipment is not just a business transaction but a symbol of mutual respect, trust, and a shared vision for excellence and innovation in the glass processing field.


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