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LandGlass reveals new generation of Cyclone furnace

Eight technologies working together to produce stronger tempered glass

LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd. has recently released a video showcasing its revised Cyclone tempering furnace. First introduced in 2015, the new forced convection furnace offered significant improvements in terms of product quality, productivity, energy saving, intelligent control, and wireless connection.

GlassOnline reached out to Marketing Coordinator Diego Zhang to find out more about the newest model in the Cyclone line. Via email, he was able to share these details.

Eight technologies

Cyclone convection technology allows for high efficiency of heat transfer in heating the furnace and for the best quality tempered glass from float glass to double-silver and triple-silver Low-E glass.
IsoTherm technology enhances the evenness of the thermal field and allows for the most even heating ever done in a tempering furnace.
GeniusCool offers even quenching and cooling pressure for the most even stress distribution.
StraightEdge technology effectively eliminates edge kink and lifts optical quality to the highest possible levels.
EnergySave dynamically adjusts power output in quenching and cooling processes and lowers power consumption remarkably.
ThermoLock technology increases thermal resistance of the furnace walls, and minimizes heat loss during operation. ThermoLock can adjust cooling time and air pressure and detect the temperature of the glass surface automatically. The blower will stop blowing once the glass reaches the temperature at which it is ready to be unloaded.
eVision scans sizes, shapes and quantities of the glass sheets and transfers all data to the control system, which allows for easier operation. The best matched parameters can be selected automatically according to the analysis results based on the data transferred by the detectors at the loading table.
eAdaptTM technology makes digital production a reality, and largely reduces the dependence on the skill level of the operator.

According to Diego, the results of these combined technologies is significantly improved glass quality, a 40 percent increase in productivity when tempering double-silver and triple-silver Low-E glass, 10 percent lower energy consumption when compared to standard convection tempering furnaces, automatic production capabilities and remote operation with a message notification system.

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