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LandGlass: relation between heating technology and energy consumption

More advice from LandGlass about glass tempering.

  1. The energy consumption of a glass tempering furnace is the energy consumed for processing a certain amount of glass. The installed power of a glass tempering furnace has nothing to do with the energy consumption of the glass tempering furnace. However, it affects the processing efficiency of the tempering furnace and the processing quality of glass.
  2. The best way to calculate the energy consumption of a glass tempering furnace is to measure the power consumed for processing each square metre of glass with a certain thickness under continuous production at a certain loading rate.
  3. The energy consumption of a glass tempering furnace mainly occurs in the heating stage. The energy absorbed by a certain amount of glass heated to the softening point in the tempering furnace is constant, regardless of the heating technology adopted (radiation or convection heating). Since a glass tempering furnace with a convection heating system can effectively improve the heat absorption efficiency of glass, it can complete the heating process faster than radiation heating, improve the output and reduce the energy consumption of the tempering furnace. In addition, as its glass heating time is shorter than what is required by the radiation heating process, it can significantly improve the quality of the glass.

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