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LandGlass: LandVac used in national defence project

LandVac fully tempered vacuum insulated glass was used in a recent military project

LandGlass has supplied its LandVac tempered vacuum insulated glass for the observation window of an important project to test the mechanical properties of missile engine propellant.

LandGlass’ LandVac fully tempered vacuum insulated glass was recently used in the development of a military project for a research team working in collaboration with a national defence university to test the mechanical properties of missile engine propellant. The project required a type of glass for the observation window that allow them to photo the changes in propellant morphology during mechanical testing carried out below -50°C. none of the glass types tried, including triple-pane, quad-pane insulating glass, along with vacuum insulated glass could solve the condensation issue.
The team learned about the performance of LandVac, they ordered tempered vacuum insulated glass customized to the window size. The first test after the installation of LandVac involved a temperature difference of almost 70°C: -50°C on one side of LandVac and 20°C on the other side. During the test, there was no condensation in the primary visual area. Following month-long tests showed that LandVac met the high precision optical requirements of Poisson’s ratio testing over propellant and effectively improved the team’s experimental ability, ensuring the successful conclusion to the project.
LandVac fully tempered vacuum insulated glass adopts self-developed low temperature sealing, flexible sealing, and flat sealing technologies, demonstrating industry leading performance in thermal insulation, noise reduction, condensation resistance, safety and security, as well as superiority in product weight and thickness. Applications of this product can be found in areas such as science research, construction, and home appliances. At present, LandVac has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ift thermal transmittance test, sound isolation test, ATI wind resistance test, and ANSI impact resistance test. It is also the first domestic glass product to receive certification approval from the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC) in US.

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