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Landglass: glass walls call for periodical testing and replacement

Taking into consideration a recent court case regarding the fall of glass from curtain wall glazing, Landglass provides us with its ideas and recommendations to reduce this kind of damage and danger.

After a recent court case against the owner of a building regarding the fall of curtain wall glazing, it was discovered that there is no testing criterion or institutions for this type of extensive glazing.
Due to its optical performance and facility of application, the use of curtain wall glazing in buildings has quickly become an irresistible trend. In less than two decades, China has become the top curtain wall glazing manufacturer and market since it was first introduced to China in the 1980s. Moreover, curtain wall glazing used in tall buildings has continued to be upgraded, resulting in greatly improved safety aspects.
The lifespan of curtain wall glazing was generally believed to be less than 15 years after which the safety factor of the glass wall was expected to decline significantly. Hence, it can be concluded that the first generation of curtain wall glazing built in the 1980s has entered its aging period, which means that safety aspects of the glazing should be taken seriously.
According to data released by search engines, accidents caused by the self-explosion and falling of curtain wall glazing have happened from time to time in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in recent years. However, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, curtain wall glazing is guaranteed against defects for just one year. As a result, the first generation of curtain wall glazing is starting to become a real danger.
According to Landglass, even though we benefit considerably from its optical performance and facility of application, we have to deal with the problems caused by self-explosion and safety caused by its aging, and we now need to reduce the possible damage it may cause. In this case, we need to test curtain wall glazing periodically and even replace it if necessary.

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