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Keraglass: positive feedback from Fire Sand

Fire Sand Glass confirmed its satisfaction with the Keraglass Vision 700 – 230/360 furnace

Keraglass has received positive and satisfied feedback from its client Fire Sand Glass regarding the Vision 700 – 230/360 tempering furnace.

A year and a half after the sale of the tempering furnace to its customer, Fire Sand Glass, Keraglass received confirmation of the satisfaction of the company, in the words of the plant manager Dan Kirkup.
“We knew two things when looking for a tempering furnace for our new fabrication facility:
1. We had many furnace options to choose from; and
2. This huge investment was a once in a lifetime decision.
Furnaces from China were less expensive than a Keraglass furnace, but we also know you get what you pay for.”
“Our primary concerns were the quality of the furnace as well as support for the long term. We chose the Keraglass furnace thanks to the experience and trust we have placed in Brad Reece, Plant Manager and owner of Winston Shower Doors and in Paolo Righi, Area Manager of Keraglass.”
We have a Keraglass Vision 700 – 230/360, and buying a Keraglass furnace is clearly proving to be one of the best decisions we made.

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