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Friday, December 9, 2022

Keraglass: all-around package for Turkey

Keraglas will supply its machinery to Ortakçi Cam

Keraglass recently finalised an agreement to supply machinery for Turkish company Ortakçi Cam.

Keraglass recently finalised a major agreement to supply Turkish company Ortakçi Cam. The customer is one of the leading players on a fast-growing market, operating across a wide variety of glass application fields. Therefore, the sales package agreed comprises machinery for a number of different purposes:
– the Visionbend furnace for tempering and bending both cylindrical and spherical products without compromising on quality
– the latest-generation Vision900t flat glass tempering furnace with innovative convective pre-heating chamber to boost both quality and productivity.
– the model L-DE automatic screen-printing line
In thanking Ortakçi Cam for choosing Keraglass for this very important investment, the Italian company looks forward to having a fruitful partnership built around quality – in processes and products.

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